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List of Italian Greyhound Mix Breed Dogs

A shorthaired small thin dog with a long muzzle, ears that stand up and twist at the tips with brown eyes and a black nose laying curled up on a white couch with a plush stuffed cheetah sitting next to him with the arm of the toy resting on the dogs back and a green chew toy next to them.

Digger the Min Pin / Italian Greyhound mix at 10 months old—"Digger is basically all grown up. He's outgrown his naughty puppy antics, and is probably the best dog I could have asked for. He definitely takes after the Italian Greyhound side. He is very much a couch potato with occasional spurts of energy. Pictured here with his favorite Cheetah."

Other Italian Greyhound Dog Breed Names
  • Galgo Italiano
  • IG
  • I.G.
  • Iggy
  • Italienisches Windspiel
  • Levrette d'Italie
  • Piccolo Levriero Italiano