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Dogs Named Augie

A scruffy-looking, small-breed, black Affenpinscher dog is laying on a stone porch with its mouth open and tongue out.

Augie the Affenpinscher at 1 year old

Left Profile - A white with black Parson Russell Terrier dog is standing on a concrete surface. There is a persons hand holding its collar.

Augie the Parson Russell Terrier at 6 months old

A short-legged, tan with black and white Basset Hound/German Shepherd mix dog is sitting on a rug and its head is slightly tilted to the right.

Augie the Basset Hound / German Shepherd mix at 4 years old—"Rescued from Tennessee, found at Chicago ASPCA at four months old. He loves kids, and is a dog of boundless compassion, as proven by what we call "Augies Love Ministry." Nearby is a church that does outreach for less fortunate and underserved people in the area, and even as a puppy, he would drag me over to visit with them early on Sunday mornings when people were lining up for breakfast. Just sitting on their laps for pets, and just being the best dog ever. He spends his days wavering between GSD sentry dog, scaring the squirrels away from the backyard, or full blown sniff o rama basset boy, with a nose that will lead us blocks from home!"

A black with white Bogle dog is laying on a tan carpet and looking to the right of its body with three rawhide bones laying in-between its paws.

Augie the Bogle (Boxer / Beagle hybrid) at 2 ½ years old—"She loves to play and chew her could say she's a bit protective of her bones!!!"

A long-droopy-eared, hound looking, brown and black with white Plott Hound is laying on top of a couch. Its head is tilted to the right.

Augie the Plott Hound at 3 1/2 years old—"Augie was newly brought into my life. He is sweet, smart and loves to cuddle on the couch! He loves running in the snow and taking rides in the car."

A wrinkly faced, black and white photo of a Jug/English Bulldog mix breed dog. It is standing in a parking lot looking up.

Augie the Jack Russell Terrier / Pug (Jug) / English Bulldog mix at 7 months old—"This is Augie. His birthday is Oct 22, 2013. We got him from a farm in Pennsylvania. His mom was a Jack Russell Terrier / Pug mix who was about 21 pounds and his dad was an English Bulldog who was about 50 pounds. He weighs 27 pounds at 7.5 months. He loves water and he's very hyper despite lots of running and exercise. He rarely barks."