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Dogs Named Emma

Side view - A small-breed, tan with white YoChon puppy is standing on a tan carpet looking to the left. Its mouth is open and its tongue is out.

Emma the YoChon (Bichon Yorkie hybrid) puppy at 6 months old, weighing about 3 pounds — "Emma is a spunky little girl. She is very friendly toward everyone and loves playing with the kids."

The upper half of a black Clumber Spaniel/Labrador Retriever mix dog walking across a hardwood floor.

Emma the Clumber Spaniel / Labrador Retriever mix

Side view - A black with a tuft of white longhaired German Shepherd is laying in front of a set of red cement stairs in front of a house.

"Emma the black, longhaired German Shepherd Dog at 11 months old turned out to be a very gentle and sweet dog. Very obedient and trainable. Emma is being fed only raw meat of all kinds (beef, marrow bone, sardines, tuna, lots of chicken, tripe), cottage cheese, yogurt and some veggies, no dry food at all. She is doing great, I love to prepare her food. Feeding her is not an extra job, we just give her what we happen to have in the fridge and keep her diet balanced, just as another family member!"

A scruffy looking, small breed tan Eskifon dog is standing in a dusting of snow and it has snow all over its muzzle.

Emma the Eskifon (American Eskimo / Brussels Griffon hybrid) puppy at 10 months

Side view - A tan and white Beagle is walking across a parking lot and it is looking to the right with its tail up in the air.

Emma the lemon and white Beagle at 3 1/2 years old

A scruffy looking, small breed, black with tan Yorkillon puppy is sitting on a bed and looking to the right.

Emma the Yorkillon puppy at 5 months old — "She's FULL of energy when she's not sleeping, and I have to keep an eye on her every minute to make sure she isn't stealing our socks and hiding them around the house. After she got here we suddenly have no socks left whatsoever...and we wonder, "Where did they go?" I bet they're around here somewhere. Emma's mom was a pretty Papillon and her father was a Yorkshire Terrier."

A small, fluffy looking, tan with white and black Shiranian is laying on a hardwood floor and in front of it is a metal dish. Its head is tilted to the left.

Emma the Shiranian at 3 months old (Pomeranian / Shih Tzu hybrid)

The upper half of a brown brindle with white American Pit Bull Terrier dog laying on a carpet with an orange with blue tiny football toy in its mouth.

"Emma (blue brindle, UKC-registered rescue American Pit Bull Terrier)—I have been a lifelong dog owner, and after I married my husband, we lived in apartments that were too tiny to keep a dog of the size I wanted. Finally, in 2003 we moved to a house with a yard. I had been doing research on dog breeds for 5 years, and had come to the conclusion that I wanted an American Pit Bull Terrier. Their wonderful personalities, which combine equal parts nobility and goofiness, attracted me, as well as their "underdog" plight and the fact that they're so commonly misunderstood and misrepresented. I found out that a local dog trainer was also a very responsible Pit Bull breeder, and I contacted her to see if she had any adult dogs. She introduced me to Emma, the finest dog and most loving canine companion I've ever known. Emma was adopted out as a purebred puppy from show stock, but was abused in her first placement, having been confined to a puppy-sized crate almost exclusively for the first 6 months of her life. When the breeder found out about the owner's irresponsibility, she took Emma back and rehabilitated her. Emma had rampant skin infections from lying in her own excrement and urine, and was bloody from elbows to paws after trying to dig out of her crate. Emma was nearly 2 when I adopted her, and she's been my constant companion ever since. She embodies all the best of the APBT: loyalty, gentleness, playfulness and a capacity for love that humbles everyone she meets. She transformed my husband, who had been attacked by a dog (German Shepherd) when he was a child, into a lifelong dog lover."

A brown with white Pek-A-Poo is laying on a tan couch with its front paws hanging over the edge. Its head is up and its mouth is slightly open showing its underbite which exposes its white bottom teeth.

"This is my Peke-A-Poo Emma Jayne at 1 1/2 years old. She is our princess."

Left Picture Close up head shot - A grey with white Miniature Schnauzer. Right Profile Close Up head shot - A grey with white Miniature Schnauzer is wearing a bandana looking forward.

Miniature Schnauzers, Emma Jo (left) at 12 years old and Belle (right) at 6 years—Emma Jo is Belle's mother.

View from the front - A furry, tan with white Cavachon puppy is walking down grass and its head is level with its body. Its mouth is open and it is making good eye contact with the camera.

Emma the Cavachon (Cavalier / Bichon hybrid) at 4 months old

A large breed, tan American Bulldog/Dogue De Bordeaux hybrid dog is play bowing in grass. Its mouth is open and tongue is out.

Emma the American Bulldog/Dogue de Bordeaux hybrid(American Bull Dogue de Bordeaux)—"She is a bundle of love and energy!"

A tan with black and white German Shepherdis laying in a tan recliner chair that is too small for the huge dog.

"Emma, a German Shepherd loved to sneak up on this chair. Sadly, she passed away shortly after this photo was taken at the age of 8 years."

A chocolate German Shorthaired Labrador is laying down on a white human's bed.

Emma the German Shorthaired Lab (German Shorthaired Pointer / Labrador Retriever hybrid)

Top right image - A shaggy looking, tan with white Shorkie Tzuis sitting in grass its mouth is open and tongue is out. Bottom left image - A tan with white Shorkie Tzu is standing in grass and looking up.

Emma the one-year-old Shorkie Tzu has the Yorkie personality and the Shih Tzu disposition.

A tan American Bulldog is laying down on a bed and it is looking forward.

"This is Emma. She is an American Bulldog that weighs in at about 87 pounds. She loves to cuddle, children, play fetch, and her favorite thing is to sleep. She is the nicest and most loving dog I have ever had. She is really good with other dogs and always wants to play. Though I don't think she is that big of a dog others say she is of a pretty good size. She is also very strong, to find out how strong she was I start hooking her up to a harness and having her pull different stuff from around the house and yard. At one point I decided to hook her up to the car and put it in neutral and to my surprise she pulled it halfway down our driveway, which is about sixty feet. But once again she is by far the best dog for a family or just anyone. Though it did take me a little longer to train her than any other dogs, which is strange because she is very smart and has a great memory."