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Page 1 - The Ducklings - Laying Eggs

A group of duck eggs are laying in a hole next to a barn.

We were very surprised to find a bunch of duck eggs out next to the barn so late in the season. The ducks had started laying an egg or two a day and were not sitting on them. I decided to get an incubator.

A white styrofoam incubator that has all the eggs in it.

Five days later the incubator arrives and the first batch of eggs are placed in it.

Duck eggs are in an open incubator. One of the eggs is beginning to hatch.

28 days later to my surprise, I notice the eggs are starting to hatch!

Close up - Two light green eggs in an incubator are beginning to hatch. Two ducklings are beginning to come out of the light green eggs in an incubator. One wet duckling has most of its body out of an egg and a duckling next to it is beginning to present itself. A wet duckling has hatched out of its egg and it is looking around. Next to it is a duckling that is partially out of its egg. Two newly hatched wet ducklings are standing in an incubator looking in different directions. Two empty duckling eggs with slime coming out of them.

What's left after the ducklings comes out of the egg.