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Page 5 - The Ducklings

Close up - A group of Ducklings are standing in the corner of a wire cage looking out of the back. There is one that is laying behind the rest and looking to the right.

2 weeks—if you look closely you will see their feathers starting to come in.

A person is holding ducklings in each of there hands. In the left hand is a small duckling and in her right hand it is a bigger duckling. The small duckling is about the same size as the larger ducklings leg

Ducklings grow amazingly fast! On the left is a 1-day-old duckling; on the right, a 17-day-old duckling.

A flock of ducks are standing in dirt next to an old stone springhouse and there is a lot of brown fallen leaves covering the ground.

The ducklings grew up!

Right Profile - Three white Muscovy ducks are walking along a fenceline on top of weeds.

Muscovy Ducks

Two white ducks and two brown ducks are standing on hay inside of an old stone springhouse. A white and a brown duck are eating out of a feed bowl. Another white duck is standing close to the feed bowl and behind them is a brown duck looking to the left. Two white ducks and two brown ducks are standing in hay inside of an old stone springhouse wall looking to the left. A mallard duck is laying belly-out on a couch pillow that has Raffaello Sanzio Raphael's Angels printed on it. The duck's webbed feet are in the air.