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Puppies vs. the Adult Dog

The comparison between puppy and adult dog

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A blue-gray and white puppy with a wide chest and a long tail sitting down inside a house

"This is Chloe our American Bulldog as a puppy at 2 months old. She is the best dog! She loves to play outside and chew on sticks, and inside she loves to snuggle and play with her toys."

A gray and white dog with long front white legs with rose ears that stand out to the sides sitting down with a red rubber toy in her mouth

Chloe our American Bulldog as a puppy at 5 months old

A large breed white and blue-gray colored dog with a muscular body and a wide chest sitting down in grass

Chloe our American Bulldog as a puppy at 6 months old. Notice the rapid growth in those short few months.

A fuzzy little white and black Shih-Tzu puppy is laying on a pillow and looking forward. The words - Micket, a Shih Tzu 7 weeks old - are overlayed at the bottom of the image.

Adorable little Shih-Tzu puppy

A long-coated, tan Shih-Tzu is sitting on a blue backdrop and it has a bow in its top knot. The dog's bottom teeth are showing from an underbite

Full-grown Shih-Tzu

Front view - A long coated, tan Shih-Tzu is laying on a carpet and it is looking forward. Its mouth is open and tongue is out. It has a bow in its top knot.

Full-grown Shih-Tzu

A shaved black and tan Shih-Tzu has bows in each ear and is standing on the side of a white wicker chair and she is looking forward.

Full-grown Shih-Tzu with her coat shaved short

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