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Getting down and dirty!

A Show Dog's Life

Getting down off the show table and playing is part of a show dog’s life... Getting down and getting dirty rarely is... The dirt gets very hard on their coats... But sometimes, we just let them be dogs...then it is quick to the tub...

Front side view - A dirty wet black and white long haired dog is standing in grass, it is looking to the left and its head is slightly tilted to the right.

This is six-month-old Catreeya. There is nothing a show dog likes to do more than to let loose and be a real dog. Many show dogs would NEVER be allowed to get like this, but sometimes they just do. Dogs are like kids and just love to play hard.

A blonde-haired girl is holding up a small dirty dog by the front under its legs.

Emma was playing outside the day after it rained!

Left Profile - A wet dirty white and brown dog is being posed in a show stack on a washing machine by a person behind it.

Catreeya after playing outside the day after it rained!

Front view - A wet, dirty white and brown dog is standing on a surface and a person is rubbing under its chin.

Catreeya after playing outside the day after it rained!

The right side of a dripping wet black longhaired puppy that is being held in the air by a persons hand and it is looking to the right.

This is Buca; MistyTrails Black SamBuca ByEmmy picture by Darlene.

A girl in a white shirt is blow drying a wet dog with a red blow dryer that is laying in her lap.

Longhaired dogs do not need to be bathed weekly. Monthly is sometimes better. If you wish to grow out the coat, dirt and urine stains must be regularly cleaned, as soiled hair breaks the coat. Bathing requirements for a longhaired breed is weekly to monthly depending on the level of activity, and how dirty they get, whereas a short haired breed can go monthly, or longer. Be careful to use dog shampoo and conditioner and rinse well. For some breeds frequent bathing can actually dry them out and make them itch. My vet says you can bathe as much as you want, as long as you use the proper product, but in the same sentence he says there is no need to bathe daily or weekly, unless the dog gets soiled. Remember to use products designed for a dog (and your type of dog); human shampoo and detergents, even baby shampoo, are not recommended.

Courtesy of MistyTrails Havanese