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Playing, Cuddles and Favorite Spots

A Show Dog's Life

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A fluffy haired dog is standing up against the leg of a person in a Split hoodie and the person is looking down at the dog.A white with tan fluffy dog is laying across a blue carpeted surface. It is looking up and to the right.
A blonde-haired girl is sitting in a chair and a white fluffy dog is licking her face.A blonde-haired girl and a white fluffy dog are sitting in a chair and they are looking to the right. The dogs mouth is open and tongue is out.

Pictured here is Salida Del Sols BlanQuito by Emmy (Havanese), doing the other thing a show dog, or any other dog loves—being the center of attention, all bathed and comfy, in the house and on his owner’s lap getting cuddles.

A girl is standing outside and she has a brown with black dog in a harness attached to her chest.

Pictured is Harry in his carrier with owner Ashley.

Close up - A blonde-haired girl is sleeping on a bed with a black fluffy dog. They are covered in a blanket.

Pictured is Emily sleeping with her bed buddy Misty.

Four dogs in jackets are playing with each other in snow.

Dogs love to PLAY!
Remember to dress them for the weather!

Four dogs in jackets are walking around in snow. There is a gate to the left of them.

Courtesy of MistyTrails Havanese