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Showing Your Dog in Brace

A Show Dog's Life

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A lady is leaning over looking down and holding the leash of two small, long haired, chocolate brown dogs standing in a field.

A dog show has different competitions: junior handling, obedience competition and conformation, which judges how the dog conforms to the standard.

There is also a competition called brace. In this class two dogs show together, and must not only conform to the standard, but also look and move as one.

Close up head shot - Two chocolate dogs are standing up against a wall and they are looking forward. There are clips in there hair holding it out of their eyes.

The two chocolate Havanese were the crowds’ favorite, getting mega applause, especially the first day, when they went around with even their tails up and wagging in unison.

A lady in a pink shirt is walking two small chocolate dogs across an enclosed field on a course at a dog show. A lady in a pink shirt is looking down at a small, long haired, chocolate brown with white dog that is running across a grass surface A line of people are walking their dogs around a outside course at a dog show. A line of ladies are standing next to there dogs and most of them are touching the dogs next to them at a dog show.
Two small, chocolate brown dogs are laying across a table and they are laying back to back.

By the last day they were very, very pooped.

Two dogs are laying in a crate and they are looking forward.Two chocolate with white dogs are being held in a persons arms and there are two green ribbons on each side of them.

Java and Osiris, the two chocolate Havanese, won best brace two days in a row.

Courtesy of MistyTrails Havanese

Dog Show Brace 1

Dog Show Brace 2