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Bulloxer Pictures

Boxer / American Bulldog Mixed Breed Dogs

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Close Up - Max the Bulloxer laying in sand with sand on his lips

Max the Bulloxer (Boxer / American Bulldog mix breed dog) laying down in the sand.

Other Names
  • American Boxerbull
  • American Bulloxer
  • American Bull Boxer
  • American Bullboxer
Sammy the Bulloxer puppy laying on a carpet looking at the camera holder

Sammy the Bulloxer puppy at 9 months old—"She is an American Bulldog and Boxer mix."

Roxy the Bulloxer having its face rubbed by a person

Roxy the Bulloxer at 4 years old

Roxy the Bulloxer standing on hind legs looking at a tiki lamp

"Roxy's favorite pastime is chasing lizards around the yard. I think the lizards enjoy the game as well. I have yet to see Roxy actually hurt one once she catches it under her nose. Most of the time the lizards get away at the last second before capture."

Roxy the Bulloxer puppy laying on a blanket biting a rope toy

Roxy the ½ American Bulldog ½ Boxer (Bulloxer) puppy at 2 months old chewing on her rope ball toy.

Max the Bulloxer standing near the fence line looking back into the distance

Max the Bulloxer (Boxer / American Bulldog mix breed dog) out in the yard