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Breed Bans: Bad Idea

A tan with white Pit Bull is sitting on grass with its mouth open and tongue out looking happy

There are no bad dogs, just bad owners — Vote NO on Breed-Specific Legislation

Breed-specific legislation is a law or regulation directed toward specific breeds of dogs. No, your dog does not have to DO anything wrong—he just has to be alive and he will be put down because of his breed. Anyone who is for banning a specific dog breed truly does not understand our fellow canines. I am a true believer in the saying “there are no bad dogs, just bad owners.” Do you want living proof? Invest some time into watching Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer. The man can take the nastiest Chihuahua, Dachshund, German Shepherd, and yes, Pit Bull and in a day, and sometimes a matter of an hour or less, turn the dog around to where the dog's demeanor is totally different. It is as if you are suddenly dealing with a totally different dog. The dog did not change, the handler did. Cesar then teaches the owner the proper way to handle the dog. He does this with no hitting or yelling. He simply understands what a dog truly needs. People who own out-of-control dogs are not giving their dogs what they truly need, and are almost always treating their dogs like humans rather than canines. To ban a specific breed of dog because "some" owners do not fulfill a dog’s needs is insane. If breed-specific legislation ever becomes an issue in your area, be sure to vote NO.

Many areas of the world are turning toward banning certain breeds of dogs, rather than dealing with the owners themselves. If this turns up on the ballot in your area, be sure to Vote NO to Breed-Specific Legislation.

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