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Bulloxer Pictures

Boxer / American Bulldog Mixed Breed Dogs

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Close Up - Casey Jane the Bulloxer sitting in front of a cabinet

Casey Jane the Bulloxer at 6 months old weighing 60 lbs.

Other Names
  • American Boxerbull
  • American Bulloxer
  • American Bull Boxer
  • American Bullboxer
Close up front view head and shoulder shot of a white dog that has a brown and black patch over its eye shaped in a circle. The dog has ears that fold over to the sides.

Mia the Bulloxer as a 6 month old puppy—"We brought Mia home at 9 weeks. Never had this mix breed before. We've had two Keeshonds in the past 24 years. Mia is absolutely adorable! She loves everyone, loves sticks, rocks, old lemons from our tree (she barks at those). She loves walking, playing with other dogs and traveling. She is spoiled and knows how to manipulate us already. She is like our first grandchild. Easy to train both tricks and potty. We just love her."

Khaos the Bulloxer playing with a frisbee

Khaos the Bulloxer at 7 months old playing with his frisbee

Koko the Bulloxer puppy laying on a couch with a dog toy and a plushfootball

Koko the Bulloxer puppy at 10 weeks old sleeping with his bone and toys.

Koko the Bullboxer puppy sitting on a couch

Koko the Bulloxer puppy at 6 months old—"She is a wonderful addition to our family. Her mother was an American Bulldog and her father was a fawn Boxer. At 6 ½ months old she weighed approx. 55 lbs. We couldn’t ask for a better family member!"

Max the American Bulldog sitting against a chainlink fence

Max's father was a rather large American Bulldog (120 lbs.) and his mother was a small brindle Boxer (35 lbs.).

Tyson the Bulloxer standing next to a tree

Tyson the Bulloxer full grown—American Bulldog (father, white) and Boxer (mother, fawn and white)

Tyson the Bulloxer standing on grass looking up into the camera

Tyson is a Bulloxer, which is a mix of an American Bulldog (father, white) and Boxer (mother, fawn and white). He was 9 months in this photo.

Sam the Bulloxer sitting on a hardwood floor in front of a couch

Sam the Bulloxer at 3 1/2 years old sitting in the living room.

Sam the Bulloxer wearing a jacket sitting on a carpet

This is a four-year-old Bulloxer named Sam. Sam lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. He is getting ready for hunting season!!

Close Up - Brice the Bulloxer

Brice the Bulloxer at 8 months old

Shooter the Bulloxer puppy sleeping with a young child

Shooter the Bulloxer puppy at 6 weeks old sleeping with his big sis Makya