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In Loving Memory of our Dear Friends

They were not just our pets, they were part of our families, our lives. They will be missed, but never forgotten.

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Sir Reginald Von Waterville the Miniature Schnauzer sitting on a carpet with its head tilted to the left

Our Miniature Schnauzer, Sir Reginald Von Waterville, affectionately known as 'Reggie', was taken from us recently by cancer. His family, Lori, Ron, Larissa, Lareina, and Ryland miss his ever present effervescence, vitality and unconditional love. Born on December 7th, 1988, he lived a true dog’s life...pampered, petted and loved. On the night of his death, having had a very bad setback on the third day after his first chemo treatment, he made his way into his beloved blue pet carrier 'house' and fell into a deep eternal sleep. He was buried in a specially built silver box which was interred in the backyard of the family home beneath his favorite tree.

Our Reggie
December 7, 1988 - October 31, 2000

Rest in Peace, Dear Friend

Spot the Dalmatian walking into the kitchen looking back at the camera holder

This is Spot, a Dalmatian. She went to doggy heaven on November 6th because of kidney failure. She was our sweetheart for 9 years and we miss her every day. She was the best dog we ever had. But more importantly, she was our friend. She lives on in our hearts.

Kathy and Mark Baker

Shyla the Sheltie sitting on fake grass in front of a backdrop

Shyla the Sheltie was 9 ½ when she passed away. She was loved and will be missed beyond belief.

Blue Heeler standing on grass

A Loyal Friend for 11 Years, 1989 - December 2000

Yoda the dog sitting on a carpet with its head tilted to the left with the words - Beloved little friend, I miss you so! 'YODA' - ('PR' Ferrales' Blaze) 9/1988 - 12/2000 - overlayed
A dog looking at a reflection of itself. The Words - High in the courts of Heaven today a little dog bravely waits. With all the others she, will not play, but sits alone at the gates. 'For Some Day My mistrees will come,' says she, 'and when she comes, she will call for me.'
Gypsy the Chow/Samoyed mix looking to the right

In Loving Memory of Gypsy. She was a Chow/Samoyed mix. She left us on January 2, 2001 because of severe arthritis in her back. She was 11 years old. She was a loving, playful puppy who loved to play hide-n-seek and tug-of-war. She was the best friend of Kelli, Gregg, Steven, Fresca and our other puppy Jake. Now she is in doggy heaven chasing all the frogs she wants. We will never forget you, Gypsy!