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In Loving Memory of our Dear Friends

They were not just our pets, they were part of our families, our lives. They will be missed, but never forgotten.

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Odie the dog looking into the distance with its mouth open

This is Odie. He passed away in May of 2000 due to cancer. He will be missed greatly by everyone who knew him.... He loved pasta and rice. =] We love you, Odie!

The Fam

Sammy the dog laying in the grass

We lost Sammy on 9/6/00 after a short, but valiant fight with liver cancer. Nine years were not nearly enough time to spend together. We love and miss him so very much. His personality was one of a kind. We will remember the good times until we can meet Sammy and Spot at the Rainbow Bridge.

Liz, Lisa, Robert and Lester

Bogey the dog wearing a Christmas bandana sitting in front of a fireplace

This is Bogey. He passed away September 15, 2000 from diabetes. He was the sweetest dog; he would always put his head in your lap. He also loved to sleep at the foot of our bed so he could watch over us at night. We can't believe our Buddy is gone, but he will live in our hearts forever.

Ebony the Dog sitting in a 'Radio Flyer' Wagon

Ebony was born on 11/28/89. She was adopted by Rita and went home with her in February of 1990. From the moment she entered Rita's life a very special relationship ensued. In 1991 Rita was diagnosed with cancer and underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Ebony was at her side every moment to support Rita and to protect her. They had almost 11 years together when Ebony developed renal failure and became acutely ill over a 3-day period. Then Rita had to face life without her precious companion. It is the hardest thing Rita has done in her 56 years. Ebony has been gone since 9/26/00 but she will never be forgotten! This is dedicated to you, Ebony, from your Mommy, Rita.

Bear the dog sitting on the carpet looking into the distance with its mouth openBear wearing a tee shirt walking around


He runs through the tall grass looking for critters or any moveable creature with whom he can play. His black nose moves quickly, sniffing about, helping him search. If he were to find something he would not hurt it for it is not in his nature, which is a gentleness beyond that of any human. He is loving and gives it unconditionally. He is trusting, believing that any one being will not betray that trust…. He is a friend, a brother and a faithful companion…. Now Bear is gone, chasing critters in God’s animal heaven, happy and smiling and in pain no more. He leaves behind a legacy of memories for those who loved him.

In Loving Memory of BearJune 1991- JULY 15, 2000