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In Loving Memory of our Dear Friends

They were not just our pets, they were part of our families, our lives. They will be missed, but never forgotten.

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Todo the Toy Poodle laying in a recliner

This is Todo, our Toy Poodle (owned by Emily Tiscarenio). She was 16 when she died; we had her for 13 of those years. Everyone loved her and she was a very sweet dog. The rabbits loved her as well. Buck and Maggie are having a hard time as well as we are but time heals all. We lost our Rottweiler Beau not very long ago; it's hard to lose two dogs in such a short time. We all miss her dearly. She gave us many good memories. 1985-4/1/2002

Pop sitting next to a bed with wood panelling behind him

This is a photo of Pop, who died of liver cancer when he was 8 years old. Being part Chow, he was a good-mannered, polite, smart and protective companion. He loved to swing on the porch swing with me and he understood English very well. I've cried for 2 weeks straight and I would love to see him on your website. We love Pop!

Molly the Boxer sitting in front of a backdrop

Our beloved Molly
Oct. 16, 1994 - July 21, 2001

Just a few weeks ago our Boxer, Molly was just 6 years old when she was stricken with terminal cancer. We just want to thank her for 6 of the happiest years of our lives. She was the best companion anyone could ask for. We will ALWAYS remember you, Molly. We love you!

Love, Dave and Glenda

Sasha the dog sittting on a couch yawning

This wonderful friend is named Sasha. She was put to rest on 9/11/01. I loved her with all my heart and I miss her so bad. And she loved me just the way I am...on her final days I held her in my arms a lot and kept telling her I loved her through my tears, which she gently licked away. I wish I could have given her some of my 'extra' years and was able to give them to her so that we both could have walked over the Bridge together...and never part again. I love you my little 'Boo-Boo-Girl' ...please wait for me.

BJ the dog laying on a recliner

We thank you for all the joy you brought into our lives. You were always so full of love. You were very precious to us. When our beloved pets die, we know that their spirit lives on. BJ, we send you into God's loving hands, knowing that God created you and that God will tend to your Spirit throughout eternity. God's Light surrounds you, God's Love enfolds you, God's Power protects you, God's Presence watches over you—wherever you are, God is—and all is well. Your memories will live in our hearts forever. We love you and miss you.

Mommy Margarett Kirchner
Grandmommy Dot Bruno
Grandmommy Marty Doucette

Close Up - Toby the dog laying on a couch back


I first saw Toby across a crowded animal shelter. Our eyes met, and he gave me a look that said, "I choose you." Helpless, I took him home, and we went on to share 10 wonderful years together. He saw me through a near-fatal illness, a divorce, and countless trials and tribulations. He liked to sneak up behind me and bite the backs of my legs. He often stole my socks, knowing that would entice me to chase him (I still have a sock with a hole in it, made by Toby's teeth). When I was depressed, he would lay his head on my lap and sigh, as if to remind me that scratching him always made me feel better. When Toby became ill, it was an easy decision to do anything I could to make him well again. Unfortunately, cancer doesn't always cooperate. Toby fought the good fight, but ultimately he was in too much pain to go on. Jan. 24, 2000, I held him as he was euthanized. Part of me left this earth with him. I think of him every day, and miss him with all my being. I only wish you, the folks who read these pages, could have known him too.

Kevin Gibson
Louisville, KY

Toby the dog photoshopped on a cloud. With the words - TOBBY - overlayed

Tobby was born in October 1986. He was put to rest on November 15th, 2001 at the age of 16. He will always be remembered by Mariolis family and their friends. He lived with me not as just a pet, but as a companion in the most difficult moments of my life. I will always remember the way he treated me when I was sad. He was wiping my tears with his face. Before he died he became paralyzed, but always proud, wonderful and sweet. I put myself in such a difficult situation when I had to decide to put him in rest. Something that made me feel so guilty, but I knew that it was the best I could do for him. He lived a full life of hugs, kisses, parties, trips and true love. I was blessed to have him and he will always be in my thoughts and memories until that one glorious day when we'll reunite at the Rainbow Bridge. I have to admit that from the moment you passed away, my life has totally changed. I'm looking forward to seeing you running toward me, smiling and waving your tail, anxious to jump into my arms. I'll always love you.

Nickolas Mariolis