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The Doggie Comics: Funny Dog Pictures

Page 14

A black and tan dog is jumping over a puddle in a backyard

Maggie the Rottweiler—“Yippie! I see mud!”

A black and tan dog is looking down digging in mud.

“Let’s test this out.... Yep, it’s gushy mud!”

A black and tan dog is playing with a soccer ball in a mud puddle

“Now for the ball test…. Yep, Buck, I think it’s a go.”

One black and tan dog is sitting on the outside of a puddle. There is another black and tan dog playing around in the puddle.

Maggie the Rottweiler and Buck the German Shepherd mix—“Hold on, Maggie, let me test it, too.”

Two black and tan dogs are jumping into a small mud puddle

“Hey Maggie, the mud’s ready!! Let’s GO!”

A black and tan dog Rottie is jumping around a ball in mud


Close Up - A black and tan Rottie dog is laying in mud

“Man, I had a blast!”

There are three dogs in a soapy bathtub. Two are black and tan, a Rottie and a GSD mix and there is a small grey Toy Poodle dog with his mouth open and tongue is out

"Hey wait a minute, didn't tell me we would have to get a BATH afterwards!”

Close Up - A fluffy white with tan Havanese is laying on a couch and pawing at a camera

“You da man!” Bred by MistyTrails Havanese and proudly owned by Tara