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The Doggie Comics: Funny Dog Pictures

Page 16

Close up - An orangish-brown Dogue de Bordeaux puppy is standing in a chair

“What'ch you lookin’ at?!”—Lido the Dogue de Bordeaux puppy at 11 weeks old

Close Up - A Brussels Griffon dog is wearing a green jacket that is orange on the inside and looking to the right with attitude on its face.

“What YOU lookin’ at!”—Bugsy Siegel, a 3-year-old male Brussels Griffon

A tan with white dog is sitting on a carpet with one of its paws on a yellow rag and a glass table. There is an air freshener next to a yellow rag on the table

"My Lurcher Kia (11 years) earning her keep by doing some housework. She loves posing for the camera. She is still very energetic for her age and loves chasing bumblebees around the garden and playing hide-and-seek with her teddies."

A black with white Great Dane dog is standing in a backyard with a brown with white Rhodesian Ridgeback behind it. The perspective of the image makes it look like the Great Dane is eating the Rhodesian Ridgeback's head.

Tor the Great Dane starting to eat Max the Rhodesian Ridgeback's head off....

A black with white Great Dane dog and A brown with white Rhodesian Ridgeback dog are sitting on a back porch in front of black plastic tables and chairs. They look happy with their mouths open and tongues out.

Just kidding, they’re pals.

A black and white Springer Spaniel dog is laying on its back belly-up in an arm chair. There is a Labatt Blue beer bottle on its stomach and a TV remote next to it.

Looks like Stanley got into dad's things again!!! (Springer Spaniel)

A brown with white Basenji dog is sitting on a couch behind Three Snowman stuffed plush dolls.A brown with white Basenji dog is sitting on a couch with its head on a stuffed plush snowmen doll. There are two other snowmen behind it

Where's the Basenji?? (Martin AKA Marty Doooooog the (Basenji)

A Black Cockapoo puppy is sitting on a table outside with its lips over a red drinking straw that is in a cup making it look like it is drinking out of it. There is a person sitting next to the dog.

Cockapoo puppy having a soda with the new family! Photo courtesy of Ayers Pampered Pets

A brown, black and white tricolor Beagle is yawning with a white and black dog yawning across from it. The dogs are looking at one another. A black and white Havanese dog is looking at the top of a fish tank while standing at the edge of an arm chair.

Gone fishing! This is Toby the Havanese, submitted by Felicity. Photo courtesy of MistyTrails Havanese

A black and brown Prague Ratter dog is in a small box with its upper body poking out.

Prague Ratter in a box.

Close Up - A black and brown Prazsky Krysavik dog is laying on a floor wearing sunglasses and a head wrap.

Amalka the 4-year-old Prague Ratter with glasses and a hat on.

Top Image - A person sleeping on a couch covered in a blue with white blanket with their head rolled back and their mouth open. The Words next to the image say - SOME PEOPLE SAY DOGS RESEMBLE THEIR OWNERS. Bottom Image - A brown with white Boxer dog laying on a couch next to a blanket with its head rolled back and mouth open in the same way as the human above. The Words next to the image say - WHAT DO YOU THINK?