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The Doggie Comics: Funny Dog Pictures

Page 15

Close Up with the focal point on the nose - A dog is laying on a couch in front of a pillow

Vizsla—“Come on, ya know ya wanna kiss me!”

A white puppy is laying down on a backdrop in front of Three Wine Bottles. There is a quarter full glass on the left and there is an empty glass on the right. There is a cork in front of the puppy

OK, maybe sniffing the cork is too much for a 6-week-old puppy. Photo courtesy of MistyTrails Havanese

A white with black English Staffordshire Bull Terrier is sitting in a wooden chair at a table. There is an empty plate in front of it with lots of other food on the table

“Where's the beef!?”—Winston Churchill Skates, an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier

A toddler is standing with a yellow ball inside of a dog cage. A black dog is beginning to walk into the cage

Photo courtesy of Dandy Doodles

A white Havanese puppy is standing in a rotating food pantry cabinet with boxes of food next to her on the lower shelf and Country Time Lemonaide with other various food on the shelf above her.

“Why are you staring at me like that?”—Teddy the Havanese puppy

Close Up - A blown chocolate puppy is laying on a red couch in mid-yawn.

“I do not do broccoli!!”

Close Up - A brown, tan and white tricolor with Beagle puppy is sitting in front of a cereal bowl of milk with its head tilted to the side and a smerk on its face.

“Got milk?”Beagle Puppy

A fawn Boxer puppy is sitting on the floor of a vehicle with its mouth on top of a styrofoam cup appearing to drink from a straw

“I got milk!”Boxer Puppy

A large brown with black Bloodhound is standing outside in snow with snow falling all over it. The Words - got snow? - are overlayed at the bottom of the image

Bloodhound in the snow on New Year's Day

Close Up - A brown, black with white Boxer is sleeping on a floor with the red of its eyes showing. There is a hand on its face

Boxer on New Year's Day

A chocalate Labrador puppy is buckled up laying in a car seat on a floor inside of a house. There is a childs toy next to it.

Charlie the Chocolate Lab pup

A white Dogo Argentino dog is sleeping in an arm chair. It is wearing a black scarf and sunglasses.

Joe Cool! (Diago the Dogo Argentino)

A brown brindle with white Boxer puppy is laying on a carpet and there is a pacifier in its mouth

Cooper the Boxer puppy loves a good pacifier ;-)

A Golden Retriever dog is laying down in front of a stair case with a golden sword on its side and a silver shield on its back

Pedey the Golden Retriever is seen here mimicking Smaug the dragon, guarding some of his precious treasure.