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The Doggie Comics: Funny Dog Pictures

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A German Shepherd is sitting in a wooded area wearing a Raiders hat and sunglasses with a football in front of it

“Looking good, team...looking good.”German Shepherd ready for football

A German Shepherd is sitting in a wooded area wearing a Steelers hat and sunglasses. It is looking down at the football in front of it.

“Now listen up, team....”

A dog is laying on a blue covering on a couch. One of its paws are on a book. It is wearing reading glasses.

“Read any good books lately?”Australian Cattle dog reading a book

A brown dog is standing in front of a couch in a race horse costume.

Dogs can celebrate Halloween too. This is Gobie disguised as a racehorse. He is a Miniature Pinscher, and the town where he lives is famous for race horses. Gobie’s owners took him around for Halloween and he had a blast! Some people went and got dog treats while the kids were getting candy.

A white with black Bulldog is sitting in front of with one front paw up on a wooden table. There are black and white spots overlayed over the dog. There is a thought bubble with the words - NO! My name isn't SPOT! - is overlayed

Mugzy the Bulldog with spots.

Photoshop of a flying puppy wearing a red cape. A dog is laid out. A Cape is drawn on. The background is a blue sky and white clouds

Flying Superdog Puppy!