The words Dog Breed Info with the letter D inside of a black paw print

The Doggie Comics: Funny Dog Pictures

Page 4

A Doberman Pinschers leg is visible under a bed. The bed cover is light blue and the carpet is pink.A Doberman Pinscher head and front paws are coming out from under a bed

This is Brianna, a Doberman Pinscher playing her favorite game, hide-and-seek. She always goes under the bed when you say "go hide." Then she will peek out every now and then to see where you are.

Close Up - A shiny-coated black dog's black nose

“Hey... What is that I smell...?”

Close Up - A shiny-coated black dog's tongue

“I don't know what it was, but it sure was delicious!”

Close Up - The face of a shiny-coated black dog with its mouth open and tongue out

“I wonder where I can get some more of that stuff…”

A wet gray dog is barking in a field. It is waring a red collar with a red heart shaped dog tag hanging off of it.

“Hellloooooo out there....”Miniature Schnauzer

A brown dog is laying on a green carpet in front of a couch and drinking out of a red Classic Big Gulp cup that has a green straw.

“Mmmmmmm...cherry. My favorite!”Chocolate Labrador Retriever

Three dogs are sitting next to each other in an orange chair

“HEY!? Who’s the snob with the attitude? And HEY!?? Have you been hittin' the vodka again???”—Miniature Poodle, Chihuahua, Chinese Crested Hairless dogs