The words Dog Breed Info with the letter D inside of a black paw print

The Doggie Comics: Funny Dog Pictures

Page 5

Close Up - A black with tan dog is laying on a bed and is wearing a plastic green hat

“I heard Mardi Gras was BIG, but I never imagined it would be like that!”Blue Heeler

A white with brown bulldog is standing behind 5 large bones. There is a tan with white dog standing on a rug looking at the bulldog as if it is woooing at him.

“Hey, you big BULLY.... Are you going to share some of those bones, or what?!”Spike the Bulldog and Puppy the Husky / Shepherd mix

A husky is standing in a room next to a couch and is wearing sunglasses. The image is cropped in an oval that has jagged edges.

“Hey, dude.... What's happening?!”Husky with sunglasses on

A tan Dog is laying down looking sleepy on a tiled floor

“What a day I am having; first my owners go out of town, and now I can't find my favorite ball...”

A tan dog is laying on a tiled floor and there is a chair next to it. Its mouth is open and tongue is stretched way out

“…Well if I can't play, I will do the next best thing...SLEEP!”

A black with tan dog is standing up in a tree. Its mouth is open and tongue is out

"I just wanted to show all you cats out there that dogs can climb trees, too!!! to get down...”