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In Loving Memory of our Dear Friends

They were not just our pets, they were part of our families, our lives. They will be missed, but never forgotten.

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Tucker the Terrier/American Eskimo mix standing outside with its mouth openTucker the Terrier/American Eskimo mix as a puppy laying on a couch on top of some pillows

January 18, 1981 - April 29, 2000

In loving memory of Tucker, who was a spirited little Terrier/American Eskimo mix. He was adventuresome and he loved to explore. He ran away at every opportunity! At 4, Tucker survived being run over by a car. He was then resuscitated after cardiac arrest during surgery. We thank God he lived another 15 years. He was an incredible fighter and he changed our lives forever.

Close Up - Tempest the Rottie sitting on a tiled floor

1995 - 2000

Tempest the Rottie was the most wonderful dog we have ever had. She was one of two that survived a very complicated birth. Her mom was unable to feed her milk so my husband and I, from the moment she was born, fed and cared for her. She grew up to be the most beautiful and gentle dog. She was our daughter. Tempest was 108 lbs. of pure love. Everyone who knew her could not help but love her. Tempest was a very healthy girl up until March of this year. She began to retain water and lose weight. On April 4th, after all the tests possible, we were given the devastating news that Tempest had cancer in her liver and in her abdomen. So we had to do the hardest thing ever: we put her down. We were able to be with her till her last breath. We miss her every day and will always remember our girl who gave us a lifetime of happiness.

Erika and Gonzo

Dusty Lynn laying on the floor with its mouth open and tongue out

Dusty Lynn
March 1987 - April 1998

Nippa Grace the American Staffordshire Terrier laying on a rug in front of a backdrop

Nippa Grace
January 28, 1989 - March 12, 2000

Nippa came into our lives October 13, 1994. She was a rescued American Staffordshire Terrier. She is the one who made me fall head over heels in love with the breed. Nippa was unique. She was extremely special. I always had one thing to say about Nippa, "She was my heart." Each and every one of us have had that dog or still have that dog that just touches a part in your heart that you thought did not even exist. Nippa touched many people. Had they gotten to know her I am sure she would have touched their hearts. This was one of God’s creatures that never did anything to anyone, except show unconditional love and kindness.

Kelcie the Cocker Spaniel laying with a dog toy looking back at the camera holder

This was my dog Kelcie. She was born March 1, 1990 and died April 19, 2000. I wasn't even fond of Cocker Spaniels before I got her, but she stole my heart anyway. Kelcie will never be forgotten and I hope to see her again in heaven someday.