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Those Amazing Cats!

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TTy the orange tiger cat is stalking down low on a rug

TTy, the Slinky cat...Watch Ty play slinky down the steps.

Cleo the Main Coon Cat is sitting in a sink and drinking water from the running faucet

Cleo is a Maine Coon cat who lives in Roslindale, MA. She loves to jump into the sink and waits for someone to turn the faucet on so she can have a drink.

A Cat is jumping from a dresser to a bed. There is a person with there back to the camera fiddling with a drawer

The Jump!

Sally the cat is jumping up at a tall fish aquarium to see the fish

Sally has quite the infatuation with the fish tank and will jump in front of it all day long!

Boris the cat is jumped up at the door entrance of a bird cage and looking at Natasha the African Gray bird who is about to peck her paw

Natasha the 2-year-old African Grey doesn't feel like sharing her home with Boris the cat!

Natasha the bird flying out of the cage towards the cat Fiona the cat is laying on a bed as a human lowers Monty the bird, who is perched on a finger, down for the cat to smell

Fiona meeting a Lovebird Monty for the first time