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Those Amazing Cats!

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A Series of Photos showing a Mia the Cat jumping up a wall to hit a lightswitch

Mia the cat turns off the lights!

Olly the cat peeing a toilet with a brown wicker basket of toilet paper on the floor behind him

Olly captured the full essence of the moment perfectly. Olly the Burmese cat is not shy about visiting the smallest room in the house. He lives in Wellington, New Zealand. It gets a bit cold there so I guess he was afraid to go out in the winter air.

Tierra the Sphynx Cat is hanging on to a curtain at the top of a window

This is Tierra, a Sphynx cat checking out a higher view of the room! Photo courtesy of Ashlea Shoemaker. See more of Tierra at Sphynx (hairless cat).

Storm the Sphynx Cat is hanging up high on a wall poster and looking towards the camera holder

This is Storm, a Sphynx cat literally climbing the walls! Photo courtesy of Ashlea Shoemaker. See more of Storm at Sphynx (hairless cat).

Newbie the cat jumping high in the air to grab a wand toy being aimed towards the ceiling by its owner

My kitty Newbie and I play every night with her little wand toy. She's been acting rather SPECTACULAR for quite a few nights so I asked my boyfriend to have the camera ready just in case she would do something cute. Well, she did something FANTASTIC! She hit the ceiling, as you can see from the photo! You can see the look of SHOCK on my face!

Philomena the cat is laying in a doll-sized bed in a blanket with plush toys behind it

Here is a photo of Philomena when she retires for the evening. She actually sleeps in this little bed.