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Those Amazing Cats!

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Sylvester the black and white cat hiding in a Christmas tree

Sylvester the cat in the Christmas tree—he makes one cool ornament!

Sylvester the cat is jumped up at and hanging off of a bird bath and drinking the water out of it. There is a huge rock a few feet behind him

"This is Sylvester our cat getting a drink from the bird bath. If you look closely you can see he is on a leash. He acts more like a dog than cat, and is not afraid of a thing. He has to be where someone is. When I go down in the basement, he is there with me. If my wife goes in the bedroom to watch TV, he is right there with her. He really loves our youngest son. If my son walks into the room, Sylvester jumps up and runs over to him. He torments our Toy Poodle endlessly. We have to stop him. The Poodle will rip into him to make him stop; Sylvester just takes it and just goes in for more. He is the coolest cat we have ever had."

Rusty the kitten is standing near the top of a decorated Christmas tree perched on the top branches and looking to the right

"Rusty when he was a kitten. He liked climbing our Christmas tree and did it every Christmas until he weighed too much to be held up by the fake branches. Rusty's full name is Rusty Tweed Sterley. We got him from a rescue agency (Rescue Every Dog), and his name at the time was Tweed. Rusty is a character! He seems to be practicing Martial Arts while we're sleeping, and he has plenty of sneak-attacks in store for us while we're innocently going into the kitchen to make toast."

In a series of photos Chi-Chi the kitten is trying to use a chair to get the fish in an aquarium

Chi-Chi the kitten at 16 weeks old, trying to catch some fish from the aquarium! Needless to say she landed on the floor, on all four paws... ;)

Chi-Chi the kitten is climbing in a dishwasher as a person is putting away dishes

Chi-Chi the kitten at 9 weeks was just fascinated by the dishwasher. Her owners had to be very careful when she was around!

Cujo the Cat is sitting on its butt with its leg spread out on a blue and yellow moon and stars bed spread Cujo the Cat is sitting on its butt on a moon and stars bed spread

Cujo the cat sits like a person. He has an amazing personality. I think that he sometimes thinks he is human. He is about 5 years old in this picture.