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Centralia, Pennsylvania in 2008

Centralia Pa Municipal Building

The Municipal Building still stands.

Municipal Building - Borough of Centralia, Columbia Co. Pennsylvania

Municipal Building, Borough of Centralia, Columbia County, Pennsylvania

The Municipal Building of Centralia with an American Flag flying

St. Ignatius Cemetery used to have a large, nice church that was knocked down in 1997 because of the mine fires. The last Sunday Mass in St. Ignatius was on June 25, 1995. The final Mass was on the next day, Monday, June 26, 1995, for a funeral.

View looking down Highway 61 - A damaged road in Centralia PA

Walking down what used to be Highway 61 before it was detoured.

Highway 61 with a huge crack going down the middle with graffiti all around it

Highway 61

A person walking alonside the huge crack in highway 61

Highway 61

Close Up - the items inside the crack of highway 61

Highway 61

The Items inside of the Highway 61 Crack

Highway 61

Highway 61 - The road is severely damaged

Highway 61

The Empty streets of Centralia

Empty streets of Centralia where rows of houses once stood

An Empty Centralia Street that is not overrun by greenery Dead fallen down trees in the fields of Centralia PA

Dead, fallen down trees—you can see how they are charred from the heat of the ground.

  • Close Up - Dead Fallen trees
  • Fallen trees in the fields of Centralia
  • A dirt path overlooking Centralia Pa
  • Bruno the Boxer and Three other people walking around the dirt path in Centralia
  • Three People and Bruno the Boxer standing on a dirt path
Fallen Dead Trees and dirt paths in Centralia Pa A Person walking down an empty Centralia Street Empty Streets of Centralia PA - Centre Street

Centre Street

Empty Streets of Centralia PA - Centre Street with trees lining the side of the road

Centre Street

Trees and greenery all through the sidewalk and streets of Centralia PA - Centre Street greenery all through the Empty Streets of Centralia PA - Centre Street Empty Streets of Centralia PA - Railroad Street

This is Railroad Street. See the grass strip in the middle? That used to be railroad tracks. The tracks were removed in 1967.

The Empty streets of Centralia

Railroad Street, Centralia PA

Cut Wires on a powerline

This picture shows how they cut the wires that used to go to houses that have since been knocked down.

Empty Streets and a path way in Centralia Pa One of the Last houses in Centralia and a Wind Farm on a hill

September 2008, one of the last few standing houses in Centralia. Notice the windmills in the background, new as of 2008. They do not reside in Centralia, but in a neighboring town.

The History of Centralia

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