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Centralia, Pennsylvania in 2009

Abandoned building on the side of a Centralia road

"My fiancée heard about Centralia while researching PA and was interested in seeing it. From what I hear, the movie 'Silent Hill' was based on the town. When we went there it was deserted except for the few hearty souls left. I was surprised not to find any smoke or smell in the town—and believe me, being a firefighter I know what sulfur smells like."

  • A stone wall in Centralia
  • A House in Centralia through the trees
  • One of the last houses in Centralia
  • A Centralia Road
  • A Stone wall in Centralia
  • A Centralia Road that isn't overrun with trees
  • Driving down a Centralia road
  • The trees and Greenery in Centralia

The History of Centralia

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