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Chihuahua Pictures

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Snow the white Chihuahua is wearing a pearl collar while sitting on a rug and looking towards the camera holder

"Update on Snow... With lots of life changes in Oregon, I decided it was time to move back to Vermont to be closer to my family. Snow now lives in Vermont. Since becoming adopted in Oregon, Snow has been through a lot and gone through many changes. She was once a very fearful Chihuahua and is now a registered Emotional Support Animal for me. I have Bipolar dis order and Snow is an important part of my health and well being. We live and work from our home in North Troy Vermont, where I have a small bed and breakfast / hair salon business. Snow greets all our guests with a few hellos and will even keep my salon clients company by cuddling in their laps. Everyone loves her especially me as my life would be very challenging with out her. So if you are ever in the North East Kingdom / Jay Peak area of Vermont and come across a small place called Journey's Salon & Guest House, stop in and see us. Snow welcomes four legged guests and their companions. Belove Julie and Snow"

Snow the white Chihuahua is wearing a leather collar sitting on a couch in front of a blanket

"Snow is a 1-2 year old standard Chihuahua that we rescued. She was in a foster home through OFOSA and had been rescued from doggie death row. I found her on Petfinder. She weighs 7 lbs. and is now a very happy young lady. When we first got her she was very fearful and would hide under the table from us. I went onto Cesar's website to look for some advice and ended up taking some of his online classes. I am a huge fan of the Dog Whisperer and got the National Geographic channel just so I could watch his show and learn how to be a better pack leader. Snow and I walk every morning for at least 30 mins., sometimes 60, and my husband walks her in the afternoon for 20 - 30 min. She walks beside us or behind us, as we learned from watching the Dog Whisperer. She loves to walk, I think more than she likes to play, and she does both very regularly. Snow is a well-balanced dog and we work constantly on doggie manners and good pack behavior. She is friendly to humans and other well-balanced dogs and we socialize her regularly. She has a Miniature Poodle friend that comes to play on a weekly basis and when needed she goes to doggie day care and does fine. She is playful and quite energetic and does very well at entertaining herself with her toys as well as us playing with her.

A white Chihuahua is sitting on a brown leather recliner and looking to the left

"I plan to put her through therapy training classes as I think she would be a great therapy dog. She loves to be loved on and is great with all ages. I have had 4 other dogs in my lifetime and feel I am a better dog leader this time because of the information I have learned from Cesar. My last dog was an 80-lb. Weimaraner / Pittbull mix that adopted me. I loved him very much and had him for 10 years, but he was a handful for me as he did not like other dogs. We did fine together and I learned to work with him as he did mellow with age, but had I been a better pack leader to him, I believe his dog aggressive behavior could have been corrected.

A white Chihuahua is laying on a bed next to a red plush doll and a white plush doll

"We feel very blessed to have found Snow when we did and she is a welcome addition to our family. The hardest thing about having a pet is knowing that they will one day pass away. We become so attached to our pet friends and when it is time for them to go, we mourn deeply. Animals live in the moment and teach us so much about love and simply being. The more we can fulfill our pets’ needs, the better off they will be. Animals are loving creatures and once you have bonded with a dog, there is nothing more fulfilling. Do your homework and study pack behavior and breed types. Know before you go what you will need to do to be the best pack leader you can be. Adopt a shelter pet there are great resources available online and lots of pets that need good homes. Watch the Dog Whisperer and learn from the top dog of them all. We have and we have a happy balanced dog in our home because of it.
Warmest regards to all the pack families,
Julie & Daniel, Portland, OR"

Close Up - Snow the white Chihuahua is wearing a pearl collar and sleeping on a persons lap

Snow the standard Chihuahua taking a nap

Tinker Bell the Chihuahua puppy is sitting under a Christmas tree that has pearls hanging on it and there is a plush doll next to him

Tinker Bell weighing in at 3/4 lb. at 3 months old

Tinker Bell the black and white Chihuahua Puppy is standing outside in between rows of tulip flowers

And this is Tinker Bell all grown up surrounded by rows of pretty flowers.

A long-haired Chihuahua is sitting on a rug and standing next to a persons leg

This photo gives you an idea of just how tiny this breed can be.

Peanut Butter the Chihuahua is standing on a rug in front of a basket

This is Peanut Butter, a 3½-pound, longhaired Chihuahua.

Tai Chi the Chihuahua Puppy is standing on a plush red, green, purple and blue flower plush pillow inside of a pen

Tai Chi, a blue long-coat Chihuahua in her pen full of dog toys

Tai Chi the Chihuahua is sitting in a dog bed inside of a pen with a bunch of dog toys around it

Tai Chi, a blue long-coat Chihuahua

Spike the Chihuahua is being held by a man who is wearing a black hat and glassesSpike the white and brown Chihuahua Puppy is laying on a brown carpet looking up at the camera

My name is Spike.

Hey! My name is Spike, too!