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List of Chihuahua Mix Breed Dogs

A black with tan Chipin dog is wearing a red harness sitting in brown grass.

Roscoe the Chihuahua / Miniature Pinscher mix (Chipin) at 2 years old

  • Chihuahua x Affenpinscher mix = Affenhuahua
  • Chihuahua x Airedale Terrier mix = Chidale
  • Chihuahua x American Bulldog mix = American Bullhuahua
  • Chihuahua x American Bully mix = Bully Chi
  • Chihuahua x American Eskimo mix = Eskimo Chi
  • Chihuahua x American Pit Bull Terrier mix = ChiPit
  • Chihuahua x Australian Shepherd mix = Aussie-Chi
  • Chihuahua x Basenji mix = Chisenji
  • Chihuahua x Beagle mix = Cheagle
  • Chihuahua x Bichon Frise mix = Chi-Chon
  • Chihuahua x Bolognese mix = Bolo-chi
  • Chihuahua x Boston Terrier mix = Boston Huahua
  • Chihuahua x Boxer mix = Boxachi
  • Chihuahua x Brussels Griffon mix = Brissel Chiffon
  • Chihuahua x Bull Terrier mix = Bullhuahua Terrier
  • Chihuahua x Cairn Terrier mix = Toxirn
  • Chihuahua x Cardigan Welsh Corgi mix = Chigi
  • Chihuahua x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix = Chilier
  • Chihuahua x Chinese Crested mix = Chi Chi
  • Chihuahua x Cocker Spaniel mix = Chi-Spaniel
  • Chihuahua x Corgi mix = Chigi
A white with tan Chug is sitting on a tan couch with a pillow next to it.

Hope the Chihuahua / Pug mix (Chug) at about 1 year old—"Hope was rescued from an SPCA while shown during a "visit day" at a local PetCo. She is extremely affectionate, loving to be on your lap or laying close to you. She is entertaining: she enjoys taking a piece of kibble from her bowl, barking and "stalking" it before pouncing on it and eating it. Then she'll chose another piece and the comedy act continues! :) She also exhibits what we've dubbed "zoomies": running full speed back and forth through the apt banking off furniture, tongue hanging out appearing to be having a blast! To be concise, quite possibly my favorite canine companion I've had the joy to share my life with! I'm including her favorite "people pose!"

A white with tan ShiChi is wearing a camo shirt sleeping on a brown couch.

Kathulu the Chihuahua / Shih Tzu mix (ShiChi) at about 1 year old—"He is a very energetic ball of fur. He is always playful and full of energy. He loves to cuddle with me as soon as I get home. He is full of so much love that i would not know what to do if he wasn't my dog. When I went to look at the puppies that were for sale he was the only one who was not running everywhere hiding. He just sat their in his dog bed and looked at me. I fell in love instantly. He has a brown nose and blue eyes. If you meet him you cant get enough of him."

Close Up - A black, white and tan Jack Chi is laying on a gray dog bed.

Nico the Chihuahua / Jack Russell Terrier mix (Jack Chi) at about 19 months old—"My friend posted a pic of him, he needed a home but was all the way back in Texas. My bf and I arranged for him to be flown to Chicago. He was 6 weeks old. Fast forward to 19 months. We are in LOVE... could not imagine life without him. Nico is the best dog ever. He is extremely social, always wanting to play with all dogs, big or small. He also loves to just stay home and relax and watch TV with us. He loves to cuddle and at night needs to be close to you. He is not timid, aggressive or scared like most Chihuahuas. Not to mention he is the cutest. He has tons of energy and is always up for anything anytime. Nico the social butterfly!!! Oh and he loves the snow!!!!"

A white with grey Chorkie is standing in sand next to a large rock

Phoebe the Chihuahua / Yorkie mix (Chorkie) at 4 years old—"This is Phoebe the 4 year old Chorkie. This was her first trip to the beach and she absolutely loved it! She has problems with anxiety, but now that she's started hydrotherapy (being held in place in the water so she has to swim for 15 minutes without stopping) all of that extra energy is being drained away, and her anxiety is slowly, but surely, getting better."