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Dachshund Pictures

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Margo with Weezil the Dachshund on a leash in a field with a human holding the lead

Margo with her Dachshund, Weezil, who just got her tracking certificate

Other Names
  • Standard Dachshund
  • Miniature Dachshund
  • Toy Dachshund
  • Kaninchen
  • Doxie
  • Wiener Dog
  • Little Hot Dog
  • Hotdog Dog
  • Sausage Dog
  • Long Dog
  • Little Burrow Dog
  • Earth Dog
  • Badger Dog
  • Dackel
  • Teckel
  • Tekkel Doxie
  • Bassotto
  • Sosis
  • Worshond
  • Perro Salchicha
  • Taksis
Margo with Weezil the Dachshund are running around in a field and there is a person watching them from behind a fence

And they're off!

Margo is holding a glove and Weezil the Dachshund is walking in the grass next to her

He did it! Weezil found the glove! And earned his tracking certificate!

Close Up - Precious the Dachshund puppy is wearing a hot pink collar and sitting on a carpet

"This is Precious. She is a dapple-colored miniature Dachshund. She was only a month or two in the picture. She’s bigger now, about 4-5 lbs. Very hyper, but very sweet. If she plays too rough and nips you, she gets sad and kisses you. She’s a great dog, though at about 1 year old she still has accidents. She does try very hard to be good, though."