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Cat Pictures

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Monte the kitten at 4 weeks old. "She had a mother that had abandoned all the babies. (They all died except for this one.) We found her in the cold dewy grass and 'rescued' her. :( My poor baby girl could have died. She was only 5 days old. She is being bottle fed until she is old enough to eat solids." See video of Monte the kitten drinking her bottle.

Close Up - Dusty the kitten is sitting towards the left on a carpet and its head is turned towards the camera holder

Black and white medium-haired kitten

Rusty the Cat is sitting outside on a wooden beam and looking up

Rusty the orange tiger domestic cat.

Dusty the kitten is sitting on a blanket and looking to the right

Dusty as a small kitten

Dusty as a full grown cat. Dusty is sitting on the corner of a table and looking at the camera holder. There is a Cup of Milk and a plate of breakfast behind him.

Dusty all grown up, with his winter coat grown in

Mindy the Cat is sitting in a cardboard box with her head peaking over the top

Mindy the cat hanging out in a cardboard box.

TaTum Jean the Gray Tiger Cat is laying on the top of a dresser and it is looking back at the camera holder

TaTum Jean the gray tiger cat sitting up on the dresser. Hope he does not knock anything down.

Sugar the white cat is laying on a white plastic lawn chair and looking towards the camera holder

Sugar the white cat sitting up on the chair.

Skyla the cat is wrapped in a blanket with one paw out and also laying on a bed

Hey, I am trying to sleep here! My name is Skyla and I am a Ragdoll cat.

Luigi the Siamese Cat is eating food out of a white bowl in front of a dresser

Luigi the Siamese cat eating his dinner.