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Cat Pictures

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Josephine the kitten is sitting on a chair covered by a blanket that has musical notes all over it

"This is Josephine, AKA Pheenie, as a kitten. She hates music, the doorbell, large crowds, her 'brother' Ellington and in particular the vet's office. She's a one-woman cat; I am her sanctuary and she is very loving toward me. Of all the cats I have ever owned she is the one who has needed (kneaded) me the most."

Binky the White Persian Cat is sitting on a gray surface and looking at the camera holder

Solid Persian copper-eye, white, color-point carrier (CPC) female, about 8 months of age in this photo—'Catsongs Point Blanc AKA Binky

A Black Persian cat is laying in a white flowered tree

Solid Persian named Opal, black CPC female, 4 months of age in this photo

Toybox the White Persian Kitten is sitting in a small white wicker chair in front of a blue backdrop

Harmonycatz Toybox of Catsongs AKA Toybox Is a white copper-eye Solid Persian female, approximately 4 months of age in this photo; she is the daughter of Binky

Blue Chip the Himalayan Blue Point Cat is sitting on a white felt backdrop and surface

Himalayan blue point male, 8 months of age when photo was taken, named Carecatz Blue Chip AKA Blue Chip

Pentium Chip the Himalayan Kitten is laying on a branch up in a blooming dogwood tree

Himalayan Kitten female seal lynx point, approximately 4 months of age named Carecatz Pentium Chip; she is the daughter of Blue Chip