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Cat Pictures

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Bert the Cat is laying in the lap of a person on a bed

Bert the long haired orange and white kitty-cat at 12 years old

Rhett the cat is laying on the back of a flowered recliner chair with its limps hanging over the edge.

Rhett the gray cat after a tiring day of sleeping on different pieces of furniture

Joey the Cat is sitting on a closed toilet seat with a bath tub in the background

This is Joey at 7 months sitting on the toilet. I don't know if she's trying to tell us something, but she's always trying to copy her owner. She even sleeps in bed with her head on the pillow.

Close Up - Emmily the Cat is laying down and looking at the person that is playing with its ears

Emmily the medium haired gray cat—”Hey... Leggo of my ear!”

Shadow the Cat is jumping over a baby gate Shadow the Cat is laying down curled in a ball.

Shadow is a Blue-Ribbon White Persian/alley cat mix jumping over the baby gate and resting on the chair.

Alex the cat is laying outside in the grass and looking back towards the camera holder

This is Alex. He's an orange Maine Coon and still kind of a kitten, as he loves to play. Owned by Emily Tiscarenio.

Buttons the Turkish Angora cat is sleeping on a bed

This is Buttions, a 10-year-old Turkish Angora. His birthday is July 4,1991. His owner says, "He's the boss of the house and he gets along with every one including the birds and rabbits. He is the best cat I have ever had." Buttions is owned by Emily Tiscarenio.

Lucy the Cat is laying on its side and looking at the camera holder

This pretty kitty is named Lucy.

Jazz the Calico kitten is sleeping on a blue plaid bed with its paws crossed

Jazz the Calico kitten