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List of Australian Kelpie Mix Breed Dogs

A shiny coated, tricolor, black, tan and white dog with large perk ears that stand up laying down

"I rescued Jinx from a local shelter. He is a Kelpie mix. He has a lot of the Kelpie characteristics, especially 'the work until he drops' energy. He is approximately 9 months old and he has completed a Beginners 1 Obedience Class. I am looking forward to getting a little better control of his bark and down so that we may continue into an agility class. He has so much energy and is so willing to please. He has brought a lot of joy to our family."

Other Australian Kelpie Dog Breed Names
  • Australian Sheepdog
  • Australischer Kelpie
  • Barb
  • Farmer Dog
  • Kelpie
  • Working Kelpie
A tricolor, black, tan and white puppy with large ears and big paws sitting down in a driveway

Jinx the Kelpie mix breed dog at 9 months old

A black dog with v-shaped ears that fold over at the tips with white under her chin and on her neck looking up to the left

"This is Katie. She is a female Kelpie cross. She loves attention, hates loud noises and is really friendly. She is the sweetest dog ever!"