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List of Great Dane Mix Breed Dogs

Side view of a tall, short haired dog with gray with black markings, a long square muzzle, small ears that fold over to the sides and a long tail standing out on a beach in front of the ocean waves. You can see the dog's shadow below him.

"Ocho my Great Dane / Labrador Retriever mix at 5 months old. He likes to swim and fetch in his play time, but otherwise he is calm and lazy!"

  • Great Dane x American Bulldog mix = American Bull Dane
  • Great Dane x American Foxhound mix = American Foxy Dane
  • Great Dane x American Pit Bull Terrier mix = Great Danebull
  • Great Dane x Anatolian Shepherd Dog mix = Plush Danois
  • Great DaneĀ x Basenji mix = Great Dasenji
  • Great Dane x Bernese Mountain dog = Berner Dane
  • Great Dane x Boxer mix = Boxane
  • Great Dane x Bullmastiff mix = Bull Daniff
  • Great Dane x Cane Corso Italiano mix = Italian Daniff
  • Great Dane x Doberman Pinscher mix = Doberdane
  • Great Dane x English Bulldog mix = English Bull Dane
  • Great Dane x French Bulldog mix = French Bull Dane
  • Great Dane x German Shepherd mix = Dane Shepherd
  • Great Dane x Golden Retriever mix = Great Golden Dane
  • Great Dane x Great Pyrenees mix = Great Pyredane
  • Great Dane x Greater Swiss Mountain Dog mix = Greater Swiss Mountain Dane
  • Great Dane x Irish Wolfhound mix = Irish Dane
  • Great Dane x Irish Wolfhound mix = Wolfhound Dane
  • Great Dane x Labrador Retriever mix = Labradane
  • Great Dane x Mastiff mix = Daniff
  • Great Dane x Neapolitan Mastiff mix = Neo Daniff
  • Great Dane x Old Tyme Bulldog mix = Taylor's Bulldane
  • Great Dane x Poodle mix = Great Danoodle
  • Great Dane x Presa Canario mix = Presa Dane
  • Great Dane x Rottweiler mix = Weiler Dane
  • Great Dane x Saint Bernard mix = Saint Dane
  • Great Dane x Siberian Husky mix = Great Danesky
  • Great Dane x Weimaraner mix = Great Weimar
Other Great Dane Breed Names
  • Deutsche Dogge
  • German Mastiff