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Children and Their Pets

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A girl is standing behind two rabbits laying on a table. The girl is looking forward and smiling.

Olivia and her two rabbits, M&M-Candy the Netherland dwarf and Nickel the mini lop-eared.

Two Siamese cats are laying on a humans bed in front of two boys. They are all looking forward.

Michael, JT, Moses and Bandit

Three cats are laying on a bed and there is a young boy behind them. The boy is looking forward and smiling.

JT, Shaggy, Moses and Bandit

The backside of a boy that is swinging on a tire swing and looking back. There is a white with black dog pulling a rope attached to the tire. A girl making a sad face and a Shiloh Shepherd are laying head to head on a hardwood floor.

Sunny and Sasha—2-year-old ISSR Shiloh Shepherd and 8-year-old little girl; I do believe they’re joined at the hip :)

A toddler-sized boy in a blue with red and white coat are sitting outside and someone is placing a tan with white Border Collie/Sheltie puppy mix next to the baby. The puppy and the boy are looking forward.

Anderson and Tilly, a Border Collie / Sheltie mix

A girl in a black dress is sitting in a chair behind a couch. She has a puppy laying across her lap and on her shoulder is a yellow cockatiel bird.

Chloe, Emily and Keyara

A black Doodleman Pinscher is laying in grass looking to the right in front of a brick wall. There is a girl in a pink sweater and a boy in a blue sweater sitting behind the dog.

A Doodleman Pinscher with his child friends

A white Bulldog is laying on a couch next to an infant boy in a red with blue shirt.

Clarence the Bulldog with Benjamin

A brown with white Boxer is sleeping against the back of a couch and a boy is sleeping behind it. He has his arm on the side of the dog.

Sadie the Boxer and Charlie

A girl in a grey shirt is laying against a pillow and on top of her is a tan Havanese. Both the dog and the girl are smiling.

Emily was not feeling well and spent the day on the couch watching TV with her Havanese. Spending a day on the couch with a family member that is sick, in a dog’s eyes, is great...and they seem to know you need comfort.