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Children and Their Pets

Page 9

A baby is sleeping in a crib. There is a white Bichon Frise dog looking into the crib and going nose to nose with the sleeping baby.

Star the Bichon Frise giving my baby Lola a kiss

A top down view of a white Bichon Frise dog laying on its back with its mouth open next to a baby boy who is laying on a pillow and smiling.

Angel the Bichon Frise and Lola the baby—Angel wants to play with Lola!

A white Bichon Frise is sleeping at the feet of a baby who is sleeping on a couch with a pacifier in his mouth.

Angle the Bichon Frise loves baby Lola.

A Golden Retriever and an infant baby boy are sleeping side by side on a tan couch. The dog has its paw over top of the baby's belly.

Max the Golden Retriever and little Danny boy sleeping together…Awwww!

A boy in a blue shirt and pants is sitting on the back of a Golden Retriever dog that is laying down on a brown carpet in a living room next to a laundry basket and in front of a tan couch.

Danny trying to get a ride from Max the Golden Retriever

A Golden Retriever is laying next to a boy on a wooden picnic table. The dog is looking over the edge and the boy is looking forward.

Max the Golden Retriever and TJ hatching a plan!!!

A German Shepherd puppy is laying in the lap of a girl. Its mouth is open and tongue is out. Ther girl is looking down at the dog. They are on a tan carpet.

Shep a German Shepherd puppy at 18 weeks old and 42 pounds (20 kg) with her 6-year-old owner