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Children and Their Pets

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A girl in a pink shirt and blue jean suspenders is sitting on her knees next to a black and white Dalmatian dog. They all are looking forward.

Evelyn and her best buddy Molly the Dalmatian

A girl in a pink shirt and blue jean suspenders is on her knees hugging a Dalmatian Close up - A girl in a purple shirt is holding a brown with white Boxer puppy that is laying in her arms.

This is Gayle and her new best friend Ginger, a Boxer puppy at 6 weeks.

A baby is sleeping on a bed with a pacifier in her mouth and behind her is a black with white Boston Terrier dog laying on a tan pillow.

Gracie (11 months) falls asleep petting Dax (5-year-old female Boston Terrier).

A dog is sitting next to a baby on a tan floral couch. They baby is dressed as Superman and the dog is dressed as Krypto the Superdog.

Max and TJ on Halloween
Ridgefield, NJ

A blonde haired girl and a tan with white Boxer are laying out on an upside down kiddy pool.

This is Sydney the Boxer at 7 months playing around with Chloe (2 years). They're inseparable!