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Children and Their Pets

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A curly, tan Poodle is standing up against a blonde haired girl with its front paws draped across the girls arm. The Poodles looks happy with its mouth open and tongue out. The dog is bigger than the child.

A Standard Poodle named Payton Payne with her child friend.

A blonde haired girl in blue jean suspenders and a white shirt is standing next to a brown with white Dogue de Bordeaux dog that is sitting and looking to the right. The dog is larger than the child.

This is Silvana (left) with Donar (right). Donar is a Dogue de Bordeaux. Despite Donar's massive Mastiff size, he is a gentle giant with Silvana.

Four children are sitting together in pajamas in front of a Christmas tree with a black and tan German Shepherd dog that is laying down looking forward.

This is Vader Boy the German Shepherd with his human family.

A black with tan German Shepherd dog is sleeping on its side next to a child in a blue onesie who is laying on his back with his head on the dog's belly. A girl is kneeling in grass wearing a hot pink vest and a white shirt and she has a tan Pit Bull puppy laying across her lap. She is giving a thumbs up, the puppy is looking to the left.

"Duke, our Pit Bull. The best dog I have ever known!"

A toddler sized child is sitting next to three dogs laying in front of a couch. They are all looking forward and they have the same focused expression on there face.

This is Connor (baby) with Tozzi, a guiding-eye puppy (Lab; Ryker, a Shetland Sheepdog, and Hunter, an Australian Shepherd / Newfoundland cross. What an adorable bunch!