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Children and Their Pets

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A blonde haired girl is standing in front of a Great Pyrenees dog and behind the dog is a smaller blonde-haired girl. They both are touching the dog.

Tundra the Great Pyrenees at 7 months old with his new family

Three children are sitting in a green chair. Two of the children are looking forward. One child is looking at a tan Pomchi. A Pomchi is looking up and to the left.

Caleb age 4, Caden age 2 ½, Chloe age 1 ½ and Dusty, a Pomchi

Two boys are kneeling next to a Pharaoh Hound in an Old Navy shirt. The words - The Triplets.......Michael (7), Mox 1 1/2 & Ronnie(9) - are overlayed in the bottom middle.

Pharaoh Hound mix

A child is sitting in a wicker basket and there is a Shih-Tzu puppy laying across her lap.

Bell with Muffin the Shih-Tzu

A boy is under a blanket and he is lifting it up. There are four puppies walking towards it. There is another puppy to the right of the boy. A boy is sitting under covers and he is surrounded by puppies. There is a person lifting up the blanket. A girl is sitting on a rug and she is making kissy faces at four dogs standing in front of her. A brown with white Boxer and a white with brown Bulldog are jumpin after an item that was thrown in the air by a blonde haired girl in a living room.

Amie, age 7, playing with Allie the Boxer and Spike the Bulldog.

A blonde haired girl is holding a tennis ball on a stick over the head of a brown with white Boxer dog who is jumping up to get it and a white with brown Bulldog is looking up to bite it with its mouth open in a living room.