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Keeping Guinea Fowl as Pets

6 weeks

Eight guinea fowls are standing around a feed bucket. There is one Guinea Fowl standing in dirt behind them.

Lunch!—At 6 weeks old the guineas are eating medicated turkey starter mixed with turkey grower. They are slowly being switched over to an all-turkey grower diet.

Close up - Three guinea fowls are eating food out of a feed bucket and behind it is a bunch of Guinea Fowl. Close up - Five guinea fowl are walking towards a person's hand who is holding out feed.

The guineas are pretty tame.

Close up - Guinea Fowls are pecking feed out of a persons hand.

When called, they will come right up to you and peck your hand.

A blonde haired girl is feeding guinea fowl birds out of her hands.Four guinea fowl are walking across a coop. There is another guinea fowl in the back flapping its wings.

Spread those wings!

A cat is sitting outside of a coop and inside of the coop is a line of guinea fowl that the cat is watching.

The cats are checking out the guineas, or shall I say the guineas are checking out the cats?!

A bunch of guinea fowl are walking across a coop and outside of the coop is a cat watchign them. A flock of guinea fowl are inside of a coop. Two of the birds are looking at the two cats who are outside of the coop looking in.

In just two short weeks the guineas will be allowed to free range.