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Keets at 11 Days Old

View from the top - All the keets are standing on a paper towel and in front of a mirror. The cage is lined with paper towels up to the food and water dispencers, which are sitting directly on the wire cage to cut back on the mess.
A feeder and water dispencer sitting on the wire bottom of a cage with the paper towel stopping in front of it. There is a lot of feed at the bottom of the cage

At 11 days old I placed the grate in the bottom of the brooster to cut back on the mess. I did not feel they were old enough for their little feet to have to walk on the grate all of the time, but I wanted to do something about the mess around their food and water. I placed paper towels in the bottom of the brooster everywhere but under the food and water. Now the paper towels will not get into the water causing it to siphon out of the container and the food will not pile up around the feeder and get pooped on. It stays much cleaner and more sanitary. I still change the paper towels several times a day.

Three keets are eating food from the food dispenser inside of a wire cage All of the keets are standing on a paper towel in front of the food and water dispencers. A bunch of keets are pecking at the hand in the cage

The keets will holler when I first pick them up, however if I talk to them most will stop hollering and cock their head looking at me. If I put my arm into the brooster they walk all over it. They are curious and investigate my hand thoroughly. Notice the mirror in the background; the keets love it!

There is a hand on a paper towel. A couple of the keets are standing near a paper towel and pecking at it A lot of keets in a cage. One keet is standing on a paper towel at the front of the cage looking up with its head in the air.

The keets will come when called. I was able to get a snapshot of this keet coming toward me when I called it.

Close Up - One keet is puffed up and its feathers are beginning to come in. There are a lot of other keets in the same cage behind it.