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Keets at 8 Days Old

Six keets are looking to the left of the cage. Three keets are looking to the right of the cage

At 8 days old the keets are noticeably bigger. Their wings are growing and they can even jump and fly for a few inches at a time.

Close Up - Brown feathers of a keet growing out of the fuzz The wing of a keet with the feathers starting to grow in extended in a persons hand. There are other keets down below in the cage.

A keets’ wing growth at 4 days old and a keets’ wing growth at 8 days old. What a difference!

Four Keets are eating out of a food dispenser. Two keets are walking over to a water dispenser inside of a cage lined with paper towels.

They eat like little piggies.

Five keets are eating food out of a hand inside of a silver cage lined with paper towels. One keet is looking at its reflection in a mirror, which is placed behind the cage. One keet is standing in front of the feed dispenser. A couple are walking to the right of the cage and others to the left

Be prepared to keep the keets’ brooster clean several times daily. Here are the keets in a freshly cleaned cage. But not for long; take a look at the photos below...

View from the top - Nine keets in a cage lined with paper towels with a food and water dispencer placed in it. There is a heat lamp on one side of the cage. There is feed all over the bottom of the cage. Two keets are looking at a mirror

After only 2 hours, these keets were busy! I have spotted several keets that get a thrill out of using their feet to scratch the feed out of the feeder. They also somehow managed to get an end of a paper towel in the water so the water siphoned out of the water feeder.

View from the top - Keets are in a messy cage. A lot of the babies are in front of a mirror