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Keets 1 Day Old

Caring for Keets

Eight fuzzy keets are standing on wood chips inside of a cage Six fuzzy keets are standing on wood chips. Two are eating out of a feed dispenser and two are walking towards the feed dispenser

The keets have arrived! They were hatched the day before these photos were taken. (Please note: I do not recommend wood chip bedding, as the keets may eat the shavings. These photos were taken before I knew this.)

The keets are in the cage of wood chips and one of the baby birds is looking at its reflection in the temperature thermometer. Four Keets are standing in the back most corner of the cage. The other four babies are standing on the opposite side of the cage. There is a temperature thermometer between them. View from the top - Fuzzy keets are moving around the cage on wood chips A brown, black and white keet is being held in the hand of a person Two white keets are standing on wood chips in a cage Two black and white and one grey keet are standing on wood chips in a cage All the keets are standing in the corner of a cage. it looks like they are trying to climb the cage. A line of keets are standing on wood chips looking in all directions A hand is holding a brown and white keet in a cage Close Up - Four brown, black and white keets in a cage with a red light on them. There is a temperature thermometer behind them.

If you wish to tame your guineas it is very crucial that you hold the keets as much as possible while they are young. Holding the keets once a day is not enough. Tame guineas will fly up and perch on your shoulder. If you have a lot of keets you may want to choose your favorites and work on taming those more than the others.