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Close up head shot - A chocalate Labrador Retriever is sniffing yellow buttercups in tall grass

Owen staring at a bee; Owen is a Chocolate Labrador Retriever.

An Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix is sitting on top of a fallen tree in front of a body of water with tall grass growing out of the water and mountains in the distance.

Nova the Frisbee-loving Australian Shepherd / Blue Heeler mix, photo taken at Mt. Saint Helens, Washington State

A brown with white Boxerman dog is standing in front of a Doberman dog. They both are panting. There are trees behind them.

Sarge, a Boxer / Doberman mix and his pal Kaiser, a fawn Doberman

A panting red Warlock Doberman is laying on a grassy bank next to a large body of water.

Adonis, a 110 pound red Warlock Doberman playing at Lake Lanier north of Atlanta

Three tan American Cocker Spaniels are laying and sitting on top of a car that is parked on the street with buildings behind them.

American Cocker Spaniels on top of a car

A reddish brown dog is wearing a jacket is sitting on a small brick wall in front of a brick house. Behind it is a yard that is filled with Christmas decorations and an American Flag

Xena the patriot

A Boxer puppy is wearing a choke chain collar laying on a beach with sand all over its mouth.

Tank, a 5-month-old Boxer at the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes in Traverse City, Michigan