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The Doggie Gallery

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Close Up - A white with brown bulldogs face with a huge curled tongue as the focal point.

Spike the Bulldog and the famous tongue roll

An American Cocker Spaniel is standing in a field looking up with its mouth open and a smaller Yorkie dog is jumping at it

Oscar the American Cocker Spaniel playing with Lindsey the Yorkie

An American Cocker Spaniel and a Yorkie are chasing a white Maltese around a field

Friends at Play! "Hey Lindsey, I said let go!"—Jack, a Maltese; Lindsey, a Yorkie and Oscar, a Cocker Spaniel.

A small black with white newfoundland puppy is laying on its side outside in a yard biting a persons shoe string

Noa the 7-week-old Newfoundland puppy chewing on Loras' shoelace.

A Siberian Husky is laying on top of a rock on the side of a cliff with a view of the valley below. Its mouth is open and tongue is out and it looks happy and content.

Nikki, a Siberian Husky at Bald Rock on Cheaha Mountain in Alabama.

A small brown terrier is sitting next to a larger chow/golden mix dog on a tan surface with a blue background. They are both wearing black and white tuxedo type suits and black top hats.

Fred, a terrier mix and Simon, a Chow / Golden mix