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A large Shiloh Shepherd is laying on its side in front of a sliding door. There is a small black and tan Min Pin dog sleeping on top of her.

Twiggy the Min Pin often uses Meadow the Shiloh Shepherd as a warm place to sleep.

A Dalmatian dog is on a leash jumping up in the water at a beach with a brown haired lady next to it

This is Lady the Dalmatian. Lady lives on Aruba and loves it. She walks once or twice a week for one hour on the beach. She loves the wind, to run in the high grass and to play in the water. You can see her ears flying in the air. This photo was taken when she was 8 months old.

Close Up head shot of two dogs - A tan dog and a brown dog are tasting a stream of water

Jesse and Anna, photo courtesy of Chesapeake Bay Relief and Rescue for the United States

A wet dog is in a bathtub having its chin rubbed by a hand that has a silver ring on it.

Bath time

A wet dog is being picked up out of a sink

A wet dog

the back of a German Shepherd that is laying down at the beach appearing to stalk two other dogs that are in the distance.

Beebee the German Shepherd (GSD) in pounce mode with Mel in the background trying to get some privacy!

The back of Two German Shepherds sitting in sand peering between plants looking down at the beach

German Shepherds Mel and Beebee at the beach looking out at the water

Two German Shepherds are laying face to face to each other in front of a window that shows a view of snow and houses outside.

Anyone want to see the fronts of Mel and Beebee?!

A Black Lab/Shepherd mix is running through water next to a chocalate Shepherd/Husky mix

Wet Dogs!—This is Eeyore and Mr. Piggy. Eeyore is a 1½-year-old Black Lab / German Shepherd mix and Mr. Piggy is a Chocolate Lab. The Shepherd mix who's blending in with the background is Canella, a 1-year-old Shepherd / Husky mix.