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The Doggie Gallery

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The silhouette of a Doberman running across a beach with the sun setting over the water

Sasha, a beautiful Doberman Pinscher running at the beach in Hampton, NH.

Close Up - A black and tan Doberman is sitting outside in front of a wooden banister. Its mouth is open

Sasha the Doberman Pinscher's smiling portrait.

A white with tan Bulldog is sitting on a tan carpet wearing sunglasses with its head tilted down looking with its eyes above the view of the glasses. There is a sliding door behind it and a tan plush toy next to it.

Teenie the Bulldog wearing sunglasses

A brown with black and white Boxer is sitting on the top of an old tan 1949 Chevrolet Pick-up truck with a white building to the left and behind it.

93-pound Brutus Barkemeyer the big Boxer sitting on a 1949 Chevrolet Pick-up truck

Close Up - A tan with white dog is licking Ice Cream off of an ice cream cone

Finger licking good!!!

A black labrador wearing a red bandana is drinking water out of a green and silver water fountain

Taylor the Black Lab drinking from the water fountain after a hard workout.

A Golden Retriever is sleeping on a tan couch wearing a santa hat.

Sleepy Golden Retriever wearing a santa hat