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A brown with white Boxer puppy is sitting on a hardwood floor in front of a white cabinet drooped over a plastic bowl eating out of it

Delta the Boxer pup eating his breakfast

A large puppy is laying on a bed that is covered by a blue blanket and looking forward

They say you can tell how big a puppy will get by the size of its paws. This is China. She is an English Mastweiler (English Mastiff / Rottweiler mix). She was about 3 months in that photo. At 6 months she was about 64 lbs. and growing!

A litter of puppies are laying on the side of their mother

Adorable litter of puppies with their mother

A fawn with black Boxer is standing in a house next to a black with white goat. The Boxer is staring intensely at the goat.

Allie the Boxer glaring at Mary-Sue the baby goat —she held that glare the whole time the goat was inside the house.