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The Doggie Gallery

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A brown and white Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a grey dog and a white with grey Bedlington Terrier are walking in between two large rocks in a field with a mountain in the distance.

Big Charlie, a rescued and deaf Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Little Charlie, a 57-variety mutt and Brennin, a Bedlington Terrier

Close Up head shot  - The snout and teeth of a dog that is up-side down in the grass A blonde girl is outside in a yard hugging a brown with white Boxer dog who is flicking its tongue. There are pink flowers behind them.

This is 4-year-old Chloe hugging Sydney the Boxer.

A blonde with white long-coated Yorkshire Terrier  is standing on a black rug

Beautiful Lindsey the Yorkshire Terrier! See her in Action!

Left Profile - A blonde with white longhaired Yorkshire Terrier is standing on a black rug

Lindsey the Yorkie

A black Standard Poodle is sitting in front of a TV and watching it. There is a view of a gray-haired man in a gray and black hat talking to a brown-haired lady in a brown coat and gray scarf on the screen.

Max the Standard Poodle likes to watch TV